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I decided to create a webboard for collaborative projects, or 'webstories'. Please, feel free to sign up and join in.

(oops. Fixed that link - 03May04)



The Eemia project is coming!

Random stories


I've written a short story. It'll sound like the Matrix to those of you without the benefit of a classical education <grin>. It's a science fiction take on the Cartesian self-knowledge conundrum:
I actually had an idea for this sort of plot when I was about 12 - I told my dad about it and he told me of a SciFi book he'd read with a similar plot. Then, many years later, along came the Matrix with its own, ah, peculiar interpretation. I got the idea of how to tell the story while cycling to work one day. Three days later, I had the story.

Don't judge too harshly - it's a long, long time since I wrote anything of note. Enjoy!




Decided the Hovercraft project was growing faster and larger than I thought it would. To avoid this place getting too out of hand, I've spooled it out to its own page.

The concept is sound. . .


Last weekend, I was digging around in my old Meccano box for ideas for a project that I'll talk about later. And I found my old steam engine. I satisfied myself that it worked, then thought I'd build some wheels around it:

Meccano car Meccano car Meccano car

As you can see from these movies, it worked, at least briefly. The problem is that the wee piston doesn't generate enough torque in that flywheel to be able to reliably drive the wheels, given the gearing I had to put in. A (slipping) clutch might help, I guess . . . but it was a fun afternoon, anyway.



Aw yeah. It's been our plan to move to lands antipodean for a while. We (well, me) are particularly eyeing up .nz South Island and .au Melbourne/Brizzie area. If you know anyone who might want to give me a job, please point them at my CV.

I'm practising my accents. Naw worries mate. Bunch o' fluffy ducks.